Igea, the integrated panels-technology gates to detect body temperature and sanitize

Designed by Giulio Iacchetti and Matteo Ragni, ideal for public spaces and workplaces

A new integrated system – composed of panels and technology – to counter the Covid pandemic19 arrives from Abet Laminati.


It’s called Igea, the designers Giulio Iacchetti and Matteo Ragni sign it and it consists of two alternative systems which, by integrating technology in laminate panels – a sector in which Abet has been a leader since 1957 – allow to detect body temperature and to sanitize the spaces of passage of travelers, workers and, in general, people in transit to and from any public or private space.


The project, which takes its name from the divinity of health in Greek and Roman mythology, is divided into two systems.


Igea Insula is a prefabricated island that can be installed quickly without the need for ancillary works or modifications to the surrounding structures. The fence is removable and modular according to the different needs of the space. Igea Insula favors the addressing of a large number of people towards a transit passage, without interruption and above all without an obligation to have a regimented route or a short stop for a visual check. The control is entrusted to two thermal imaging cameras that detect body temperature. An operator in the control room checks the temperature values and reports them, if necessary, to the controller in charge of intervening in case of high fever.

The second Igea system is Igea Safety box, it functions as a passage tunnel that can be multiplied according to the needs and flows of people, to measure body temperature and detect the presence of the mask, unlocking, after verification, the turnstile to access. The structure is modular and can be multiplied according to requirements: the modules can be associated with other twins depending on the number of people to be controlled and the dwell time. The Igea Safety box system is also the ideal solution for sanitizing, given that the module has disinfectant nebulizers.

Abet Laminati makes its contribution to fighting the pandemic thanks to a long experience of excellence in the sector of sanitized walls and interior utilities. Experience that comes from the leading role that the company has covered since its founding in the world of design, architecture and design culture at the end of the 1950s.


“With Igea we accepted the challenge of bringing design to make a contribution against the ongoing health emergency”, explain Giulio Iacchetti and Matteo Ragni. “We believe in the strategic role that the world of design can and must play in difficult moments like the one we are experiencing. It is precisely when social relations are at risk that design can and must intervene to make obligatory solutions such as, in this case, gates and control instruments acceptable and aesthetically appreciable. This is why we called these integrated systems with the name of the goddess of health, inspired by the particular arch shape of the Roman baths, updating the ancient ritual of the baths in a sanitary key. Igea is an articulated project that has been possible to solve thanks to the varied availability of materials that Abet Laminati can offer to every designer “.


Observes Abet Laminati’s CEO, Ettore Bandieri: “Two months ago in the company we started to address the issue of the relief of the body temperature of our employees. Initially we had to use infrared thermometers, with the inconvenience that resulted from repeating this operation for about 700 people. After a couple of weeks we purchased two thermal scanners and installed them thanks to the ability of our technicians and the prerogatives of our laminated material and composite panels. So we thought to ask two excellent designers such as Giulio Iacchetti and Matteo Ragni to design the way to make available to everyone the solution that we initially experimented in the company, making available on the market prefabricated and modular systems capable of solving the various problems generated by the volume of different types of influx of people”.


Abet’s Igea detectors are immediately available, they can be installed very quickly and are fully modular, adapting to any positioning request or need to flow to public or private spaces. They are made with certified materials, unbreakable, non-polluting, immiscible and durable. They can be reused for other purposes after the health emergency, for example as temporary ticket offices or removable gates for demonstrations and events. Igea is customizable thanks to digital printing.