Adam Nathaniel Furman_LOUNGE HOG_low table_© De Rosso 1920x1080

Abet and De Rosso, the exuberance of design

If you want an essay on how plastic laminate can become the perfect material to enhance collectible design, the instrument of choice for visionary designers, you don’t have to go back to Memphis or Alchimia over the years. There is a project strongly desired by Roberto De Rosso, who drew fully from the archive of his factory, adding some unpublished created for the occasion, and other pieces of designers that used Abet laminates.

A collection of re-edited or reinterpreted classics and new designs that celebrates over thirty years of creativity and visionary imagination. The first series, consisting of seven pieces and some variations, certified in a limited edition, involves five creatives from the international scene who share the exuberant use of color applied to the philosophy of the De Rosso language, including Pop Art quotes, references to the Alchimia movement and Memphis style. The family of furnishings covers the various areas of the house and not only those. From Martine Bedin’s enigmatic totem bookcase to Richard Hutten’s sculptural seat in five kaleidoscopic versions, to the theme of sideboards and containers interpreted with irony by Paola Navone; from the table dressed in Ugo Nespolo’s allegorical pop graphics to the zoomorphic shapes of the new pieces by Adam Nathaniel Furman: the curly coffee table and the irreverent monster-chair ready to bite those who sit. The Limited Editions De Rosso are dedicated to collectors and design lovers; they constitute an important collection out of the ordinary, unconventional and exclusive, in a perfect combination of inventiveness and originality.

The creatives involved are Martine Bedin, Adam Nathaniel Furman, Richard Hutten, Paola Navone and Ugo Nespolo.