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Abet Capsule Collection July 2020

Abet is pleased to introduce the Capsule Collection July 2020. A collection of surfaces that combines the quality and resistance of Abet Laminati HPL with stylistic research, that has always been very important for the Bra based company.

This small collection includes four new decors:

  • Emperor and Bright Emperor inspired by the marble both are characterized by light and blue elements that match with the grey background of the decor. The Papier finish enhances Emperor and Bright Emperor and it makes surfaces stylish and adds the extra value of versatility.
  • Factory Cream and Factory Grey both are based on the elements of the cements with harmonious effect and mélange of shades that recalls the industrial style. These decors are combined with the brand new Ostuni finish.

The Capsule Collection July 2020 also includes some decors from the Colours Collection and Rocks combined with the new Ostuni finish. An elegant finish inspired by lime and plaster with a tactile and textured surface combining both glossy and matt elements. It conveys pleasantness to the touch and elegance to the eye, for an interior design that focuses on evocative and refined textures.

The elements of the Capsule Collection June 2020 can be mix and match, they born from research on the latest trends in the furniture sector to best meet the needs of designers.


The collection include:

Code Name Finish Size 30 | 46 Full Colour
871 Grigio Scuro Ostuni Yes Yes
1804 Blu Tenebre Ostuni Yes No
1944 Squalo Ostuni Yes No
1460 Zement Ostuni Yes Yes
1466 Factory Grey Ostuni Yes Yes
1467 Factory Cream Ostuni Yes Yes
1464 Emperor Papier Yes Yes
1465 Bright Emperor Papier Yes Yes